Warren Wright has made and rawhided approximately 5,500 trees since 1969. He learned the finer points of treemaking from Bill Severe, who in turn learned the trade from Hamley's master treemaker Walter Youngman. Warren is committed to preserving the traditional art of treemaking using the methods of Youngman/Severe together with the extensive use of drawknives and spokeshaves. The bars are made from Douglas-fir from Canada.

Warren processes his own rawhide using the old lime method. The hides are de-haired and fleshed by hand using special knives over a tanner's beam. All the trees are rawhided by Warren.

Warren is also a qualified saddlemaker and has made around 500 saddles. He now concentrates solely on treemaking. The trees are exported to reputable custom saddlemakers around the world.

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